Back To The Future: Get Back The Body You Deserve To Dominate Everything!   

 Become The Winner You Were Meant To Be In The Gym And The Game of Life


    You’re a hard-charger who’s a success at work and in life. That’s why you’ve come so far so fast. You work hard and like to win, just as you did  “back in the day” as a high school athlete with big biceps and the beginnings of a six pack.
You still play recreational sports enjoy the post-victory beers with the boys afterwards.  But you aren’t what you you used to be.

You wonder:

  • “Where the hell did that gut come from?”

  • “OMG! Are those man boobs?”

  • “Am I turning into one of those soft guys I used to make fun of?

  • “Are other guys getting ahead of me at work because they look better and have more energy?”

Does This Seem Familiar? Even A Little?

Buzzz… Buzzzz.

There goes the alarm.  You quickly hop out of bed, grab your cup of  coffee, and head to gym. On arrival, you head to free weight area, grab a set of DB’s and somehow managed to get a workout in without much of a plan. But your knee is aching as  you limp to shower, clean up, and head to mirror to get ready for the day.

You see your reflection in the mirror and begin to ask yourself. “Why do I do this to myself?  Why can’t I make any progress? Where are the changes?”

Transforming body and your life is difficult.

You  want to look into the mirror and see something more  than an “average” body staring back after busting your ass within the gym.  
You want to feel great about taking your shirt off at the beach again. 
And you want to feel at home in your own skin every day.
That’s how you’ll win at work and in life. And you like to win. That’s how people keep score.

You want people to say: “You look great. What have you been doing.” That hasn’t happened in a while.  

And you know what? You’re right. it’s completely normal to want to look good naked.  Who doesn’t want to look into the mirror and see a stronger, and leaner version of them self?


Just ask Sid:

“I wanted to lose weight, gain stamina and not be ashamed to take my shirt off in public. I’ve made so much progress!

I’ve lost 15 pounds, run my first race, and done a 100 pound goblet squat. I’ve been motivated to challenge myself. Those finishers are amazing. You are an amazing trainer.”

How To Change Your Life For The Better

I’m Mack Klink, the guy Sid was talking about, and the head trainer and author of Mack Performance.  I’m a certified strength coach (CSCS), Precision Nutrition (PN1) coach. I’m a big kid who loves food, sports, going to movies (especially comic book movies) exploring the Pacific Northwest with my little fluff ball of a dog Coco, lifting heavy lifts, and spending as much time as I can with family and friends.


Clients describe me as friendly and approachable, but I can also be demanding (when you need it.)  My approach to training is straight forward: no bullshit, no “fluffy” exercises to waste your time. Your time is valuable and your most precious resource.

You’ll end up feeling supremely confident in how you look and feel.That confidence will help you perform better in other aspects of your life.

The only issue?  It’s really f#@K@n hard to lose body fat.  If it wasn’t, we would all look like Greek Gods or Goddesses.

You need a plan.  However, even the best program in the world won’t matter for sh!t if you don’t buy into the program and put in the work.  


As your coach, I promise:

You will lose your gut and develop muscles you never thought you had.

Your workouts will be simple and effective to meet your individual goals, lasting 45-60 minutes 3/4 times a week so you can get on with your life.

Your programs will be custom tailored to fit your current mobility, strength, and nutritional habits.

That being said, I don’t work with everyone. Don’t apply if….

  • You have a severe injury.  While you’ll stay pain-free during our training, you should see a qualified health professional.  Treating serious injuries is outside my scope of practice and you should see a qualified health professional.

  • You’re lazy and looking for that shortcut.   As human being, we have a habit of always wanting to take the path least resistance. In short, they want the magic pill, where you’ll do this supplement and lose 20 pounds overnight. Sorry, those don’t exist otherwise we would all be looking like Greek Gods. There are no shortcuts beyond an well designed plan and consistent hard work.

  • You are “uncoachable.”   Online training is a two-way street, requiring trust and cooperation on both ends. My coaching philosophy is based on outcome-based decision making. This means I’ll be collecting data throughout our training process to assess and reassess overall progress. We’ll need to collaborate to achieve your best results. If you are unable to cooperate or listen, there are plenty of online coaches out there more than happy to take your money for el cheapo  cookie cutter programs and sub-par results.

My coaching and programming is for you if:

  • You want to get ripped and athletic. I’ll help you regain your old athleticism and to look and perform the part from the gym to the flag football games.

  • You are ready to put forth the necessary work to meet your goals both within the gym and kitchen while living life.

  • You want to love what you see in the mirror.



Anna says

“I knew I needed to get back into shape, but was worried that I was too far out of it. All of my workouts have been the perfect mix. I've never felt like we did something I couldn't handle. I feel so much better overall since starting training.
My overall strength has improved immensely.”

And Now, It’s Up To You

Ask yourself this:

  • Do you want to continue to wonder what you’re going to do in the gym??

  • Do you want to continue to wonder what to eat and how much??

  • Do you want to continue to wonder if you’re making progress??


Instead of wondering, the time is to take action.

Get the expert advice you need to get for the body you want.

I’ll handcraft a custom exercise program just for you so that you lose weight, add muscle, and live a happier and healthier life.


Enough talk. My online client spots are very competitive and I only want to work with serious action takes.

It’s your time to make a decision. You can either continue on your path of wondering “what if” or you can fill out that application below and change your path.