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Get The Help You Need In-Person.   

My name is Mackennon Klink, but everyone calls me Mack.  I’m the head trainer and author of Mack Performance. I’m a big kid who loves food, sports, going to movies (especially comic book movies) exploring the Pacific Northwest with my little fluff ball of a dog Coco, lifting heavy lifts, and spending as much time as I can with family and friends.

Recently, resistance training has received a bad reputation.   It’s not the exercise itself that’s good or bad. It’s the execution. The squat (or any other variation) gets a bad reputation for  causing pain that’s simply not true.

Performing crappy exercises causes pain.

Properly executed squats (or any exercise) can actually prevent pain while getting you stronger, leaner, and looking good naked.  Do you want to risk pain and even physical therapy because you aren’t quite sure what to do?

Wouldn't It Be Better To Have An Expert?

* Correct and modify your workouts to reduce the risk of pain or injury?

  • Plan your workouts and nutrition to eliminate guesswork
  • Ensure you make progress in a sensible way that’s right for you
  • Listen to your feedback and modify things accordingly

In-Person Personal Training

I do offer In-Person training session for individuals living within the Seattle Area. Each training session will be 60 minutes.  During our training session, I will answer any and all training and nutritional questions to ensure you’re achieving the best results possible, and analyze your exercise form and techniques are on point to minimize injury risk.

In addition, I do offer In-Person training session for those outside the Seattle Area.  These individuals will be selected by a case-by-case basis.

Semi-Personal Training

             Working out by yourself can be dull!  Bring 2-4 friends and train together and get the competitive juices flowing! As the saying goes, “ those who train together, succeed together.”

Each individual will have their own program designed to meet their individual needs.  Note- competitive banter and smack talking is strongly encouraged.