Seven Highly Effective Habits to Transforming Your Life

Seven Highly Effective Habits to Transforming Your Life

By Mackennon Klink, CSCS, PN1

Transforming your fitness habits can change your life in every way. You can become the person you most want to be: the best you.

The following seven habits you will learn are the same habits I used to transformed myself. I’ve been in your shoes and learn the truth on how to get results.


I want to share with you the knowledge, experience, and principles I wish I knew.  It should have speed up my process and gotten results faster. I want you (yes… YOU!) to have the knowledge and tools to have the confidence in your body and yourself.

Follow these seven highly effective habits, one step at a time, and you’ll transform your life.   

1) Constantly Assessing and Tweaking Your  Nutrition

Most people think they’re doing everything right, yet can’t figure out why they’re not losing body fat. This missing puzzle piece can only be found once you start tracking your calories. You’ll never know until you start tracking your nutritional habits. While tracking calories may not be a long-term solution, it will give you your strongest weapon in any successful transformation:   Awareness.  

In short, if you are not assessing, you are guessing.

By restricting your usual nutritional choices, you’ll eventfully rebel and want that cheeseburger.  This is normal and why it’s essential to adopting a flexible dieting mindset. I define flexible dieting is eating right 80% of the time while treating yourself the remaining 20%.

Stick to your diet the 80% of the time.  When you do slip up (and you will), have a short memory.  You’ll need to forgive yourself and then make the next best decision. One meal won’t ruin a diet and one slice of pizza doesn’t need to turn into a family size meal for one. Forgive yourself for the slip-ups, and get back on track by making the next best decision.

2) Follow the 6 Month Rule

Your diet needs to be sustainable.  In order to lose that weight once and for all, you need to focus on being consistent, patient, and staying the course with your nutritional approach.  During your training, ask to yourself “can I do this for 6 months?” If not, It’s time to reassess. This includes your training program. The best training program won’t count for shit if you are unable to recovery between workouts or being inconsistent.  

The best training program is the one you enjoy and able to stick to long-term while making consistent, measurable progress.

3) Eat Mostly Whole, Minimally Processed Foods

You need to focus on eating minimally processed, whole foods. There is a saying,” you cannot out-train a bad diet,” and its 100 percent true.  It doesn’t matter if you’re busting your butt in the gym. If you are eating crappy foods it will be difficult to lose body fat. Follow these guidelines:

  • Stick to mostly foods your grandma would recognize

  • Shop the perimeter of your grocery store

  • Get one serving of fruits or veggies (the size of your fist) with each meal (eat the rainbow!!)

  • Get one serving of protein (the size of your palm) with each meal.

  • Replace all calorie-dense drinks with proper hydration (more later)

4) Getting 1-2 Servings of Protein with Each Meal

Don’t know what a serving size of protein looks like?  No problem, just use your hand! Yes you hand. More specifically your palm.  One serving size of protein is the size of your palm. Depending on the protein quality and source, this serving size will be between 20-30g of protein.

  • Examples chicken, fish, lean red meats, Greek yogurt, milk, eggs, cottage cheese (low or non-fat), and protein powder (whey or casein).

Proteins are essential for repair, rebuilding, and putting on muscles. If your primary goal is to build lean muscle,  it’s very important to replenish your body with adequate and wholesome protein sources.

Protein is the most important of the macronutrients. If you are going to overeat something, make it protein.

Here's why:

  1. Prevents muscle wasting: Muscle tissues are the most metabolically active tissue. Consistently hitting your protein intake (with resistance training) helps you retain your muscle while carving away fats to finally show off your muscular definition.

  2. Keeps you full: When caloric intake is low and all you want to do is inhale that Costco Family Size Supreme pizza, protein is your BFF 😊

  3. Burns more calories during the digestion process: Protein has shown to be up to 30% more metabolically expensive than carbs or fats. This means if you had 100 grams of protein, then your body will burn 30 calories simply by breaking the protein down into us able amino acids.

5) Focus on the Compound Lifts

The purpose of lifting weights is to build strength and muscles.  Quit wasting your time and start focusing on building strength on the big compound lifts.   The majority of your workouts should revolve around these movements: squat, hinge, push, pull, lunge, and carry.  

In order to get stronger and build size, you need to emphasize progressive overload and lift heavy ass weights while properly executing each rep. To transform yourself, you’ll need to constantly challenge yourself by adding weight.  

 By doing so, you’ll see better gains in less time, fewer injuries, and have more enjoyment with your training. You should always emphasis form and technique over the amount of weight. You’ll be doing more harm than good if you pill on the weight with poor technique.  Quality over quantity.

6) Drinking Plenty of Water or Non-calorie Containing Drinks

Proper hydration can have a significant impact on your health, performance, and looking good naked. Dehydration sucks and most of us know we aren’t drinking enough water.

The main reasons dehydration has as adverse affect on exercise and overall health can be summarized as follows:

  • Decrease in blood volume and blow flow

  • Decrease heat dissipation and removal of wastes from exercise

  • Decreased metabolism and increased organ stress (ouchie)

  • Decrease body temperature

7) Sleep Like a Baby Again

Sleep is often the forgotten component of fitness. In fact, it’s as equally important as your workouts and nutrition. As many as 30% of adults sleep less than six hours per night, the minimum amount of necessary sleep. If you think you can get away with less than six hours of sleep, then allow me to drop some knowledge bombs.  Both sleep quantity and quality are incredibly important for good health, fitness and regulating our circadian rhythm.

Need more reasons?  A lack of sleep can negative impact the following:

  • Cognitive ability

  • Recovery

  • Sex Life (No, thank you)

  • Mood and dietary decisions

  • Workouts

Get 6-8 hours of quality sleep every night. Without proper sleep, it’s difficult to see significant improvements in general health and/or fitness. Your body, your workouts, and your performance will suffer because of a lack of quality sleep.  If you need help creating a sleep routine, click here.

So might be wondering about specific calorie, macronutrient ratios, or nutritional timing?  The short answer is unless you are already practicing these essential habits (by practicing i mean 80% of the time), everything else is pretty much pointless.

Many individuals can achieve their health and body composition goals simply by actively practicing these essential habits.  I’m dead serious…..

Of course if you have a specific goal or timeline to meet, I’m more than happy to go into details on how to achieve your goal.  I’ll create the perfect training plan that’s right for you, so you don’t have to guess what to do or if you’ll make progress.

Wouldn’t it be better to have an expert:
*  Correct and modify your workouts to reduce the risk of pain or injury?

  • Plan your workouts and nutrition to eliminate guesswork

  • Ensure you make progress in a sensible way that’s right for you

  • Li sten to your feedback and modify things accordingly

It begins with realistic goals and ends with transforming your body and your life, so you’ll have the confidence to tackle anything, inside or outside the gym.  

Isn’t about time you took control and improved your life once and for all?

Here’s your decision: Do you either continue down the road of random workouts and eating decisions?  How well has that been working for you?

Or do you want to transform your life?

Let’s hop on a half hour call to discuss all this further.  It could be the best decision you ever make.

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