Ten Ways to Eat Healthy and Look Good Naked on a Budget

Ten Ways to Eat Healthy and Look Good Naked on a Budget

Humans are no longer hunter-gatherers. Things are a lot easier these days.  We can order food right from our phones via apps (UberEATS, Grubhub, Doordash, etc.) and have it delivered within minutes.  

The downsides? The majority of these delivered foods falls into the physique wrecking “Western Diet. ”And the expenses quickly add up.

It’s not just college kids who need to eat healthy on a budget (you know... when they aren’t carefully budgeting  their alcohol funds).

  • We need protein to build and maintain our hard earn muscles.

  • We need carbs to provide us with the necessary energy for our workouts and life.

  • We need fruits and veggies to get the necessary vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

  • We need dietary fats to help with fat loss and to maintain a healthy metabolism.

  • Lastly, we need water to keep us hydrated and to aid in the recovery process.

Rising food prices makes it difficult to eat healthy. Yet it is essential we make smart nutritional decisions that help us in carving out the boy we want without leaving our wallets empty.

Here's How To Do It

1)  Buy Whole Foods

No, not from the company, but rather unprocessed food items. While processed foods are usually cheaper (and tastier) unprocessed foods are far more nutritious.  As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid anything that comes in a box 90% of the time.  By buying whole food items, this will give you the complete power and control over your nutritional approach (Paleo, Ketogenic, Whole30, etc.)

Focus on getting these foods into your diet:

Proteins:  Lean ground beef/turkey (90% or higher), chicken breast, canned tuna, salmon, cottage cheese, plain yogurt

Carbs: Oatmeal, rice, potatoes, fruits and veggies (eat the rainbow!), pasta, beans, legumes, and even more fruits/veggies (eat the rainbow again!)

Dietary Fats: Whole eggs, olive oil, natural peanut butter, avocados, unflavored nuts

2)  Have a Surplus of Cheap Protein Readily Available

In order to build and maintain your muscles, you need 1.0g+ of protein per pound of bodyweight.  For example, if you are a 200lb person, you need 200g of protein a day. .

There are two ways to achieve this daily goal:

  1.  Drink either an entire gallon of milk or the entire protein powder container (On a serious note -  Do not attempt this or you’ll end up looking like this.  Or this.)

  2. Eat Protein with each meal

Of all the macronutrients, protein has repeatedly shown to have the highest thermic effect, most satiating, and most metabolically expense macronutrient.  So, if you are going to overeat one macronutrient, then make it protein.  You should have an overload of whole eggs, milk, cottage cheese, lean ground beef/turkey (90% or higher), canned tuna, and chicken breast.

3)  Load your Kitchen and Freezer with Frozen Fruits and Veggies.

While incorporating more fruits and veggies in your diet may be challenging, (especially when you been ordering out for, like, forever) it’s something we all need to do.  I strongly suggest you stick to unfrozen fruits and veggies, there’s a few benefits to buying frozen:

  • Saves money: Often, the price for frozen fruits and veggies are half the price

  • Saves time: Frozen fruits and veggies are already pre-washed and pre-cut, which cuts down on prep time

  • Nutrient Dense: As soon as a fruit/veggie is picked, they begin to lose their nutrients. Due to being frozen shortly after being picked, the frozen fruit and veggies will have more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than their fresh counterparts.

Now, I’m not saying that you should only get frozen fruits/veggies,. Rrather if you find your items expiring before using (i.e. like me), then frozen items will help you stay on budget.

4)  Buy Generic Foods

Hey, you’re on a budget!  You cannot afford to spend excess money simply on the brand name. Raw foods like rice, pasta, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, etc. will taste identical to their name brand counterparts.

5)  Drink Filtered Tap Water

Did you know that a single $8 brita filter cleans 40 gallons of water and makes tap water tastes infinitely better?  It’s a much better (and cheaper) option that having bottled water, soda, or orange juice. In fact, fruit juices are a terrible option when it comes to looking your best. You should be drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water.  For example, a 200lb individual should drink 100 Oz of water daily. 

6)  Avoid Impulse Buying

If you’re like me, you can get rather impulsive while shopping, especially while on an empty stomach.  To quote John Wooden: “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” The next time you’re at the grocery store, do the following:

  • Make a list and stick to it: Plan our meals ahead by listing all the food items you’ll need and only get what’s on the list.

  • Eat before shopping: This will help you avoid impulse shopping and helps prevents food items not on the list.

Once you’re done shopping, check your list.  Then, check it twice to see if you been naughty or nice.  (Christmas pun for the win!)

7)  Learn How to Cook

When under a tight budget, learning how to cook is THE best thing you can do and is a thousand times cheaper (and healthier) than going out to restaurants.

Here a quick comparison: For the price $12-15 of a meal at a restaurant, you can buy 2lbs of chicken, 2lbs of potatoes, and bags of frozen veggies at the same price point.  So instead of having a single meal, you now have the necessary resources for 3-4 meals.  In addition, you’ll avoid the hidden sugars, fats, and oils restaurants use to make their foods good.

P.S. Your significant other will find you approximately 1000% more attractive if you know how to cook.  #Science

8)  Stick to the Perimeter

This one goes hand in hand with tip #1.  In fact, the majority of food items you need to look great naked are on the grocery store perimeter.  All the unprocessed food items (lean meats, eggs, milk, fruits and veggies, etc.) will be found here.  Within the center aisles contains all the processed food items that will allow you to make funny faces with your belly.

Moral of the story:  Stick to the perimeter

9)  Buy and Cook in Bulk

When on a budget, we need to stretch our dollar, so we can eat multiple healthy meals.  To do this, focus on getting food items like pasta, rice, oats, meats, and frozen fruits and veggies.  In addition, stores often discount some cuts of meat as they approach an expiration date. These are perfectly good options as long as you store within your freezer until feeding time begins.

10)              Delete Those Food Delivery Apps

Hopefully by now, you realized that you don’t need those gut causing, physique wrecking delivery apps.  If not, go back to the start and reread the article. 

While these apps make ordering and getting food fast, they are terrible choices for your overall waistline and health.  Don’t even give yourself the option.  When you are hangry, you’ll make terrible decisions...  


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